Find a Measure

Recently Added: We have recently developed The Self-Assessment Checklist for Integrating Behavioral Health and Ambulatory Care (referred to as Integration Self-Assessment Checklist). This tool is based on AHRQ's Lexicon for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration and is linked to AHRQ’s Integration Playbook so practices can customize their implementation approach for their setting. The self-assessment checklist can be used before, during, or after implementation of the integrated program. The checklist includes 37 questions. It will take about 10 minutes to complete in one sitting.

There are three ways to find core measures in the IBHC Measures Atlas.

(1) By measure: If you already know the measure you are looking for or you would like to see a listing of all of measures available in the IBHC Measures Atlas.

(2)  By functional domain: If you know the domain you are interested in measuring (e.g., care team expertise, patient satisfaction).

(3)  Guide me to a measure: If you would like a recommendation for measures based on your measurement goals.

For additional measures that apply to a specific population or condition or have a few relevant items within a lengthy instrument, go to "Overview of Measures - Additional Measures"