EvidenceNOW: Managing Unhealthy Alcohol Use

AHRQ's EvidenceNOW: Managing Unhealthy Alcohol Use initiative launched in October 2019. AHRQ awarded 3-year grants to six institutions across the country. The grantees are disseminating and implementing into primary care practices evidence-based approaches to improve the use of screening for unhealthy alcohol use, brief intervention for those at risk, and medication therapy for alcohol use disorder.

Together, the grantees are expected to work with more than 700 primary care practices. Grantees receive support from AHRQ through a resource center and participation in a learning community. Each of the grantees will evaluate their respective dissemination and implementation efforts, and an external evaluator will conduct a cross-grantee evaluation.

This topic is the first of two topics (the other being cardiac rehabilitation) to be funded by AHRQ’s innovative Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) initiative. The goal of the D&I initiative is to identify patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) findings that are not well delivered in practice and fund programs to increase their uptake and ultimately improve health. PCOR evidence from the the US Preventive Services Task Force and the Evidence-based Practice Center Program will be disseminated through this initiative.

Access the Department of Health and Human Services press release, which includes a video.