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The Academy Community provides interested individuals with an opportunity to stay informed on the latest news and resources for Integrated Behavioral Health and access special Academy features not available to non-members. Membership is free and gives you access to the following:

  • User Dashboard: A single page that consolidates all the latest stories, news, and events as they are added to the AHRQ Academy website.
  • Community Newsletter: An electronic bi-monthly newsletter delivered directly to your inbox that highlights recent Academy activity, new resources, and upcoming events.
  • Playbook Linkages: To access additional features of the Academy’s Playbook, including:
    • An interactive self-assessment checklist that enables you to save your results and track your progress as you integrate your practice,
    • The ability to save notes as you work through each section of the Playbook, (coming soon)
    • A bookmark to add to any page of the Playbook so you can return to your place the next time you log in (coming soon).

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