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AHRQ Unhealthy Alcohol Use Initiative

AHRQ launched an initiative in October 2019 to reduce unhealthy alcohol use through evidence-based approaches for screening, brief intervention and treatment of those with or at risk for alcohol use disorders in primary care practices.

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Welcome to the Academy

The AHRQ Academy is a national resource and coordinating center for people who want to integrate behavioral health and primary care. It organizes and disseminates news, research, and resources about behavioral health integration.

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What is Integrated Behavioral Health?

Integrated behavioral health, a part of “whole-person care,” is a rapidly emerging shift in the practice of high-quality health care that blends care for medical conditions and related behavioral health factors in primary care settings.

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Using Telehealth for Behavioral Health Integration

Research, practical information, and resources for using telehealth technologies to integrate behavioral health care in primary and ambulatory care practices.

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AHRQ Opioid Initiatives

The AHRQ Academy provides information to support primary care practices in the management of opioid use, misuse, and opioid use disorder. Older adults and rural communities are among the special populations addressed.

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