Many people take antidepressants, but their adverse side effects can result in poor quality of life. Collaborative care has been demonstrated to increase initiation of and adherence to antidepressants. Researchers conducted a study to determine if side effects differed for patients receiving high-intensity, telemedicine-based collaborative care (TBCC) from patients receiving low-intensity, practice-based... Read more about " Antidepressant Side Effects Decreased in Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care Trial"
Post date: January 14, 2015
Today, many ethnic minorities are still receiving inadequate and low-quality mental health care, but integrating behavioral health services into culturally competent primary care practices can address these health disparities, according to Psychological Services. In this special issue published by the American Psychological Association, psychologists, physicians, and health care experts authored articles surrounding the mental health... Read more about "APA Journal Emphasizes Role of Integration in Targeting Health Disparities"
Post date: January 05, 2015
A special issue of Psychological Services on mental health disparities among ethnic minorities features a journal article titled Uptake of Depression Treatment Recommendations Among Latino Primary Care Patients (PDF - 1310 KB), which examines factors related to the Latino patients’ adherence to their primary care providers’ (PCPs’)... Read more about "Adherence to Depression Treatment Among Latino Primary Care Patients"
Post date: January 05, 2015
Despite the fact that 10 to 20 percent of the women who give birth each year in the United States experience mental health problems that impact their ability to nurture their children, health providers who have frequent contact with pregnant women and new mothers often do not realize that these women are suffering. Lack of recognition and attention to these issues can compromise maternal and child health, parent – child attachment, and developmental outcomes in children.
Post date: January 05, 2015