Interprofessional Health Training – Podcasts


The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) partnered with the National Center for Interprofessional Education to create a series of five podcasts, “Stories from the Nexus: Progress and Promise.” The podcasts are based on the PCPCC report “Progress and Promise: Profiles in Interprofessional Health Training to Develop Patient-Centered Primary Care.” Three chapters of the podcast focus on specific programs described in the report, while the other two chapters provide an overview of patient-centered medical homes, the importance of team-dynamics, and lessons learned.

Chapter 1: This chapter provides an overview of the “Nexus,” patient-centered medical homes, investing in team dynamics, and the importance of involving the community and patient in the care team.

Chapter 2: This chapter discusses New Mexico State University’s collaborative training program on integrated primary care and behavioral health on the U.S.-Mexico border, with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity, social determinants of health, and including social workers and psychologists on the care team.

Chapter 3: The University of Oklahoma successfully integrates pharmacists into primary care by building relationships among different professions. This approach serves diverse populations and improves diabetes patient outcomes.

Chapter 4: The San Francisco Veterans Affairs Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education/Education in Patient-Aligned Care Teams serves diverse patients though the use of technology and emphasizes team dynamics.

Chapter 5: The final chapter of the series contains reflections on the successes and challenges in team building and funding faced by the seven programs highlighted in the PCPCC report.

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