Opportunity for Submissions: Cross-cultural Strategies to Address Brain and Mental Health in Underserved Populations



Submission Deadline:  February 1, 2022

Globally, older adults face unique health challenges threatening their ability to maintain their health and mental wellbeing, financial security, and functional independence while remaining in their homes and communities. It is important to advance our collective understanding of the services, supports, and needs of older adults, those entering older adulthood, and family caregivers providing critical care and support. The COVID-19 pandemic further exposed medical vulnerabilities of the older adult population and underscored the range of health-related inequities experienced by traditionally underserved populations.

This special issue of Clinical Gerontologist focuses on the topics of brain and mental health as examined through the lens of factors (e.g., access to healthcare services, disability,  socioeconomic status, etc.) associated with health inequities experienced by traditionally underserved older adult populations, including those (1) individuals residing in frontier, low-income, and rural communities and (2) members of racial and ethnic minority populations. Manuscript submissions from within and outside the United States are invited. All submissions should be broadly relevant to healthcare professionals and policymakers, and the clinical implications of the work are required in all manuscripts.

The editors welcome conceptual reviews, original brief reports, original research reports, and clinical comments. To gain a comprehensive perspective on this topic, submissions are welcome from diverse stakeholders, including academic institutions, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, entrepreneurs and technologists, healthcare providers, philanthropic organizations, and think tanks.