NIMH Releases Strategic Framework for Addressing Youth Mental Health Disparities


Rates of psychological distress among young people have increased in the past three years. The pandemic has most affected those who were already vulnerable, including youth with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, LBGTQ+ youth, and youth from other marginalized communities.[1]

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has released the Strategic Framework for Addressing Youth Mental Health Disparities, a conceptual approach for reducing mental health disparities, promoting equity, and addressing the needs of youth from disadvantaged communities.

The Strategic Framework has three components:

  • Addressing Knowledge Gaps and Expanding Research Opportunities
  • Extending and Supporting Stakeholder Engagement
  • Growing the Youth Mental Health Disparities Research Workforce

The framework will act as a blueprint to guide NIMH research activities, with the overarching goal of advancing scientific knowledge and informing policies and practices to reduce mental health disparities in youth (defined as persons aged 24 and under) by 2031.

[1] Murthy, VH. The mental health of minority and marginalized young people: An opportunity for action. Public Health Reports. 2022;137(4):613-616.