Addressing Polysubstance in Primary Care - AHRQ Academy Releases New Resources


Pregnant and postpartum women who have a behavioral health condition are less likely to receive adequate care compared to women who are not pregnant or postpartum.[1],[2] Left untreated, perinatal depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder (SUD) worsen maternal mortality rates (including suicide and overdose), and are associated with severe maternal morbidity.[3],[4],[5]  

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Academy has released new resources for primary care, perinatal, behavioral health, and subspecialty providers and practitioners to provide coordinated and collaborative care for pregnant and postpartum women with behavioral health conditions.

  • The Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Tools and Resources Collection offers briefs, guides, and other resources for providing care for pregnant and postpartum women using opioids and other substances.
  • The Literature Collection contains references for peer-reviewed and grey literature on providing care for pregnant and postpartum women with behavioral health conditions.

For more information on maternal morbidity and mortality see:


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