The Power of Data in Supporting Recovery High Schools


The Peer Recovery Center of Excellence, in partnership with the Association for Recovery Schools (ARS), present The Power of Data in Supporting Recovery High Schools. This webinar will focus on the critical role of data in Recovery High Schools (RHSs). Attendees will learn about the historical significance of data, how it currently informs the mission of RHSs, and its practical applications in student support. Specifically, the session will demonstrate how data has been utilized at institutions like Hope Academy and Harmony Academy to foster student success. 

Participants will also gain insights on identifying and using existing data to make informed decisions for board governance, grant applications, and enhancing student support systems. An interactive breakout session will allow for personalized discussions on data challenges and strategies for data utilization in their respective schools. 

By the end of this webinar, attendees will have a roadmap for immediate action, understand the available data, and identify further resources and training needed to empower their RHSs through data-driven approaches. The session promises not only to be educational but also to provide practical, immediate steps for integrating data into the daily functioning and strategic planning of RHSs. Join this pivotal event to harness the transformative potential of data in supporting the journey of recovery high school students.