Cannabidiol (CBD) – Potential Harms, Side Effects, and Unknowns – SAMHSA Advisory


SAMHSA has issued a new advisory on “Cannabidiol (CBD) – Potential Harms, Side Effects, and Unknowns”. This advisory introduces readers to CBD, how it is derived, and how it differs from delta-9 THC and other cannabinoids. The advisory focuses on the risks and harms of CBD, especially those sold over the counter. This advisory also clarifies common misconceptions about CBD, given its broad availability and marketing for several medical conditions despite limited evidence of efficacy. It is critical that the general public be made aware of the potential harms associated with CBD use, and parents, in particular, should be advised to not let their children use non-FDA-approved CBD products.

To learn about the risks of CBD use in pregnant and postpartum women, see the AHRQ Academy topic brief Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Behavioral Health Integration.