Using Web Tools (Such as The Academy) to Help Practices Change Health Care Delivery


The Academy for Integrating Behavioral Health in Primary Care sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is an important online tool for those interested in changing health care. University of Colorado’s Director of the Office of Integrated Healthcare Research and Policy, Benjamin Miller, PsyD describes the benefits of using this tool to help practices change the way health care is delivered.

Namely, this online virtual community will serve as a resource for primary care practices regardless of their stage of integration to support their implementation of changes to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and health care delivery, and reduce cost. This AHRQ website includes a state-of-the-field comprehensive literature repository and will feature a forum site where those with practices share approaches they have found to be most effective. Change begins by bringing the voices of the health care community together: discussing these best practices and current health care policies will advance integrated primary care, and thus health care, in our communities. 

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