Training the Psychiatrist of the Future



With significant changes occurring in the health care system, psychiatry’s role is also evolving leading to an increased need for transforming education and training programs. In this article, Doctors Richard Summers and Jeffery Liberman describe five specific areas of focus for training the psychiatrists of the future so the field can keep up with the changing health care system and trends outlined by Dr. Joel Yager here. First, the authors explain the importance of providing trainees with the necessary skills for developing a strong doctor-patient relationship in the increasingly collaborative and technology-driven health care system. Psychiatrists must also be well versed in a variety of assessments and treatments and be prepared to fulfill multiple roles. Training programs will still need to continue to prepare psychiatrists to practice general psychiatry while also educating them to practice in emerging areas such as integrated behavioral health care and neuroscience. Finally, the authors advocate for increased attention to systems of care and quality improvement in training programs. “As the health care system changes, so must our training programs to effectively prepare the next generations of psychiatrists for the future.” 

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