Patient- and Family-Centered Care Resources



The Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care (IPFCC) provides leadership and resources for advancing the practice of patient- and family-centered care. IPFCC promotes collaborative, empowering partnerships among patients, families, and health care professionals and organizations.

IPFCC serves as an information resource center for patient and family leaders, clinicians, administrators, educators, researchers, and facility designers who are interested in advancing the practice of patient- and family-centered care. In addition, IPFCC provides consultation, training, and technical assistance to hospitals, clinical practices, educational institutions, architecture firms, community organizations, and agencies at state, provincial, and federal levels.

A broad variety of resources and publications, including assessment tools and guidance publications, has been developed by the Institute.

One area of focus for IPFCC is Primary Care/Medical Home.  IPFCC introduces this topic as follows:

“The core principles of patient- and family-centered care serve to make primary care responsive to the concerns and priorities of all. Patients and their families are involved as partners in their own care as well as in planning, implementing, and evaluating improvements to the systems of care…Further, it acknowledges that families—however that term is defined by the patient—are essential to patients' health and well-being and are allies for quality and safety.

Primary care providers who practice patient- and family-centered care know that high-quality, safe care requires partnerships with patients and family members as well as with other care providers and community members. This approach enhances the quality and experience of care for patients and families and the quality of the work experience for practitioners and staff.”


For information on how to provide patient- and family-centered care in your practice, consider:

To see the key concepts of patient- and family-centered care in ambulatory care settings, review: Patient- And Family-Centered Ambulatory Care: A Checklist .