Mental Health and Primary Care Integration in Intermountain Utah Clinic



A Utah clinic has recently begun integrating family medicine and mental health. When patients at Intermountain Healthcare’s Salt Lake Clinic exhibit symptoms of depression, their primary care physician will now work with a psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Christian, M.D., to provide them with care.

Patients can now immediately speak with Dr. Christian and even schedule a follow-up appointment, lessening the burden on patients to access resources themselves. “That is the beauty of mental health integration,” explains Dr. Christian. “Because often times what happens is the primary care doctor will say ‘I would like you to see a psychiatrist’ and people freak out and they think ‘I’m not crazy. That is not me.’ And when they have to go to a building that they have never been, find their way, there are just too many barriers and often times people don’t make it.”

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