Behavioral Health Integration Advisory Committee



The Behavioral Health Integration Advisory Committee, created by the Senate Bill 58 of the 83rd Texas Legislature (regular session), will be responsible for addressing planning and development needs for integrating Medicaid behavioral health services, including case management and mental health rehabilitative services, and physical health services by September 1, 2014.  In efforts to receive input from the behavioral health community and formal recommendations on how to accomplish Integration within Medicaid Managed Care, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) committee is now accepting applications for membership in the Behavioral Health Integration Advisory Committee. It will consist of key stakeholders such as individuals with behavioral health conditions who are current or former Medicaid recipients of publicly funded behavioral health services, representatives of managed care organizations that are experts in offering behavioral health services, public and private providers of behavioral health services, and providers of behavioral health services who are also primary care providers for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare.  These members will meet at least quarterly in Austin and will work until September 1, 2017.

Read about the Behavioral Health Integration Advisory Committee on the HHSC website: