Medical groups' adoption of electronic health records and information systems

Publication TypeJournal Article
SourceHealth affairs (Project Hope), Volume 24, Issue 5, p.1323 - 1333 (2005)
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsGans, D.; Kralewski J.; Hammons T., and Dowd B.
JournalHealth affairs (Project Hope)
SelectionHealth Information Technology
AbstractWe surveyed a nationally representative sample of medical group practices to assess their current use of information technology (IT). Our results suggest that adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) is progressing slowly, at least in smaller practices, although a number of group practices plan to implement an EHR within the next two years. Moreover, the process of choosing and implementing an EHR appears to be more complex and varied than we expected. This suggests a need for greater support for practices, particularly smaller ones, in this quest if the benefits expected from EHRs are to be realized.
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