A2. Quality and Outcomes Framework


British Medical Association (BMA), National Health Services Confederation (NHS)


The Quality and Outcomes Framework rewards practices for the provision of “quality care” and helps to fund further improvements in the delivery of clinical care. 

March 2009
Relevant Submeasures
  1. Dementia: the practice can produce a register of patients diagnosed with dementia
  2. Education: the practice has undertaken a minimum of twelve significant event reviews in the past 3 years which could include any death occurring in the practice premises; new cancer diagnoses; deaths where terminal care has taken place at home; any suicides; admissions under the Mental Health Act; child protection cases; medication errors; a significant event occurring when a patient may have been subjected to harm, had the circumstance/outcome been different (near miss).
  3. Mental health: the percentage of patients on the mental health register who have a comprehensive care plan documented in the records agreed between individuals, their family and/or carers as appropriate.
Format/Data Source

Documentation of organizational self-assessment.

Development and Testing


Past or Validated Applications
  • Setting: Ambulatory/office-based care
  • Population: Primary care providers
  • Level of evaluation: Clinical practice, or individual or groups of health care professionals.

National Quality Measures Clearinghouse (NQMC); (This measure summary was withdrawn from NQMC after the development of the Academy Measures Atlas)


Access the Quality and Outcomes Framework Guidance for additional information.