A1. Clinical Indicator User Manual 2012 – Mental Health Community Version 2.0


The Australian Council on Health Standards (ACHS)


Focus of the instrument is to measure community penetration access by community treatment services.  Two indicators were included in the instrument to monitor the emerging systematic use of care plans, as well as the active involvement of individuals with mental illness and their families in planning and reviewing their own services.

January 2010
Relevant Submeasures
  1. Care planning: percentage of carers (caregivers) involved in developing care plans, during the 6-month time period
  2. Care planning: percentage of consumers with current completed care plans (including consumer involvement and signature) in the file, during the 6-month time period
Format/Data Source

Medical record and Administrative clinical data are collected and reported using the ACHS Performance Indicator Reporting Tool (PIRT ONLINE).

Development and Testing

Developers wanted to create only concise indicators, to use or adapt existing sources of data where possible and to avoid duplication.  The Developers consulted with the task group developing the Commonwealth Mental Health set of Key Performance Indicators so as not to duplicate other monitoring systems during the indicator development process.

Past or Validated Applications
  • Setting: Community
  • Population: Individuals with mental illnesses and their families
  • Level of evaluation: System

NQMC; (This measure summary was withdrawn from NQMC after the development of the Academy Measures Atlas)


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