SAMHSA: Q&A Session: Group Based Opioid Treatment


ORN Webinar Series: This is a follow up Q&A Session: Group Based Opioid Treatment webinar. The webinar "Group Based Opioid Treatment"  introduced a group-based format to deliver opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment incorporating medications and psychosocial programming. The number of people in need of OUD treatment continues to woefully outpace the availability of treatment providers. Providing treatment with multiple patients in a group-based setting is a strategy that can markedly expand access. Other benefits include enhancing patient recovery networks, improving provider satisfaction and financial viability.

Goals & Objectives: 

  1. Identify the advantages of implementing a shared medical appointment for prescribing medication for OUD and incorporating group therapy.
  2. Recognize the impact the COVID pandemic has had on substance use disorders.
  3. Understand the benefits and challenges of utilizing telehealth to deliver group treatment.