JABFM Supplement Features Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care

A special issue of the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM) [September-October 2015 (Supplement 1)] includes descriptions and observations about many elements that are important in shaping how integrated behavioral health and primary care are delivered in clinical settings. The peer-reviewed articles, commentaries, and editorials all provide important insights. Among these are findings from the Workforce Task that was undertaken by the Academy. Among the authors of articles, editorials, and commentaries are members of the Academy team, the Workforce team, and the NIAC They include Benjamin Miller, Frank Verloin deGruy III, MD, Deborah J. Cohen, Melinda M. Davis, Jennifer D. Hall, and Emma C. Gilchrist, Alexander Blount, Steven Melek, and C.J. Peek.

Related Academy products are A Guidebook of Professional Practices (PDF - 1700 KB) for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration: Observations from Exemplary Sites and Provider- and Practice-Level Competencies for Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: A Literature Review.

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