Antidepressant Side Effects Decreased in Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care Trial

Many people take antidepressants, but their adverse side effects can result in poor quality of life. Collaborative care has been demonstrated to increase initiation of and adherence to antidepressants. Researchers conducted a study to determine if side effects differed for patients receiving high-intensity, telemedicine-based collaborative care (TBCC) from patients receiving low-intensity, practice-based collaborative care. Patients receiving TBCC had 12 months of evidence-based care from an on-site primary care physician (PCP) and a nurse care manager. Patients in the TBCC group received on-site PCP care, as well as telephone care from a nurse care manager, pharmacist, psychologist, and psychiatrist.

At both 6 and 12 months after starting treatment, patients in the TBCC group had fewer adverse side effects, likely resulting in higher quality of life.