Kentuckians’ Views on Integrated Care

The Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP), conducted from September 20-October 14, 2012, indicates that the majority of Kentuckians prefer health providers offering physical and mental health services in the same place. KHIP found that 7 in 10 Kentucky adults (69%) strongly or somewhat favor providers offering their patients physical and mental health or behavioral health in a coordinated way. Broken down, 35 percent strongly preferred physical and mental health services in the same place and 34 percent somewhat preferred it. In addition, Kentuckians earning less than 100percent of the federal poverty level were more likely to strongly favor integrated care than those with higher incomes (44%). Dr. Susan Zepeda, President/CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky says, “Integrated care is an important strategy to improve health care outcomes and reduce care costs. Coordinating care in a traditional environment, by scheduling separate appointments with different doctors, on different days, can be complicated and burdensome for many patients. Particularly for patients with work or child care responsibilities, or transportation challenges, these barriers could keep people from getting the help they need.” The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky has been working towards integration since 2005 and has put $1.5 million towards demonstration projects and research. Dr. Zepeda adds, “Research and demonstration projects across the nation have clearly shown the benefits of integrated care. It is encouraging to see that consumers are receptive to this model as well.”

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