About the Community

Welcome to the Academy Community! The Academy Community is an online community bringing together individuals and practices that are interested and committed to delivering comprehensive, integrated healthcare. The Academy focuses on integrating behavioral healthcare into primary care practices and promoting a collaborative environment that fosters dialogue among leaders and stakeholders.

The Academy Community is a platform to further this dialogue, and also acts as a forum for members to ask questions, share resources and toolkits, and discuss ideas.

Guiding Principles

  1. The Academy Community promotes practice change by offering a forum in which members can share experiences, network, and engage with other members and the National Integration Academy Council (NIAC).
  2. The Academy Community is an open community. The Academy understands that all members have something to offer, even in their various stages of integration implementation. Therefore, the Academy Community offers affinity groups for distinct types of implementers.
  3. The Academy Community fosters teambuilding in the field of integration and is a resource for educating primary care and behavioral health providers.

Explore the interactive features and join the dialogue:

  • Community Buzz: Provides constant updates of the communities’ activity. Members who are logged in will be able to view updates on all people and discussions they are following.
  • Upcoming events/Events Calendar: Browse through events related to the field. Members who are logged in can access the full calendar for the month.
  • Recent Site Activity: Tracks and highlights up-to-date activity on the site, including who has commented, who has joined the community, who has joined a group, who has started a discussion, etc.
  • News & Updates: This feature is linked to the New and Notable feature on the Academy portal. Members can access timely stories and latest posts relevant to the topics they choose.
  • Hot Topics: This is where members can find timely and relevant information from the field, such as new tools and resources.
  • Groups: Subscribe to groups based on your interests and where you are in implementation:
    • Playbook Community
    • Patient Engagement
    • Early implementers
    • Intermediate implementers
    • Experienced implementers
  • Community Engagement: Members can create content through the following methods:
    • Posts
    • Q&A
    • Polls
    • Discussions
    • Direct Messaging to other members
  • Integration Playbook Linkages:Members can share ideas and experiences using the Playbook by linking their Community posts to specific Playbook topics. 

Community Policies

To ensure user content is compliant and appropriate, the Academy Community adheres to AHRQ’s Privacy and Comment policies linked below:

Privacy Policy: Academy Privacy Policy

Comment Policy: http://www.ahrq.gov/policy/social-media/comments/index.html

Why become a member?

By joining the Academy Community, you can have access to:

  • A user profile to connect with others sharing similar interests
  • Identify what type of member you are (e.g. provider, patient, etc)
  • Join discussions and post comments
  • Network with other members by sending direct messages, sharing experiences and insights, and discussing issues and solutions
  • Newsfeed of Academy stories specific to selected topics
  • Submit relevant events to the Events Calendar
  • Additional features of the Academy’s Integration Playbook, including the interactive self-assessment checklist and ability to save notes.

Interested in joining the Community? To join, sign-up here. Users will also be asked to provide topics of interest and affiliation. Once this is complete, users will receive an email confirmation and automatically gain access to Academy Community features.