A3. Depression Care Measures


Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, DIAMOND Measurement Subgroup


Adult patients age 18 and older with major depression or dysthymia and an initial PHQ-9 score greater than 9 who demonstrate remission at 6 months defined as a PHQ-9 score less than 5. This measure applies to both patients with newly diagnosed and existing depression whose current PHQ-9 score indicates a need for treatment.

The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) tool is a widely accepted, standardized tool [Copyright © 2005 Pfizer, Inc.] All rights reserved] that is completed by the patient, ideally at each visit, and utilized by the provider to monitor treatment progress.

This measure additionally promotes ongoing contact between the patient and provider because patients who do not have a followup PHQ-9 score at 6 months (+/- 30 days) are also included in the denominator.

Relevant Submeasures
  1. Depression remission at 6 months
  2. Depression remission at 12 months
  3. Depression utilization of the PHQ-9 tool
Format/Data Source

Data would be collected from a patient registry, claims or encounter data, scheduling information, and list of diagnosis codes.

Development and Testing

A summary of relevant information concerning the development of the measure, as well as reliability and validity testing. 

Past or Validated Applications
  • Setting: The general health care setting for which the measure has been developed.
  • Population: The target population(s) for which the measure is intended or validated.
  • Level of evaluation: The focus of evaluation. Examples include health system, hospital, department clinical practice, or individual or groups of health care professionals.