Improving Health Outcomes for Diverse Populations (Series) Part 2: The Hidden Self- Exploring our Implicit Bias

Tue, Jan 19 2021, 1 - 2pm

Bias in all human being begins in childhood and is a natural cognitive function of us all. Well-intentioned people who consciously disapprove of bias can still harbor implicit bias. Implicit bias can occur instantly &involuntarily with certain groups of people (Justice Research & Statistics Association, 2018). This workshop challenges Behavioral Health Staff to examine their implicit biases which can influence service engagement, case decisions, actions, attitudes, and behaviors towards those served. Participants will assess their implicit biases and learn strategies to limit and manage them in the behavioral health setting.


  • Participants will define and understand implicit bias.
  • Participants will understand the challenges and potential effects of implicit bias in behavioral health care.
  • Participants will assess and determine implicit biases they may possess.
  • Participants will use strategies to help cleanse implicit bias