AHRQ’s vision is for the Academy to function as both a coordinating center and a national resource, specifically through supporting the collection, analysis, synthesis, and dissemination of actionable information that is useful to policymakers, investigators, and consumers. AHRQ seeks to build a centralized and respected resource hub to provide the tools and materials to advance the field of integration, and to promote a collaborative environment for dialogue and discussion among leaders throughout behavioral health and primary healthcare arenas. The Academy hopes to unite this community in a way that has not been accomplished to date, providing a forum for strengthening the shared mission and supporting the joint activities of leaders; serving as a repository for materials members want and need; identifying gaps in materials and generating solutions so further progress can be made; and drawing on expertise in the field to make integration efforts as efficient, relevant, and meaningful as possible. The Academy can be a place for individuals to connect and form collaborative relationships in a uniting enterprise, all heading towards integration.

The overall objective of the Academy is to provide the key components and functions of an effective resource center — information, coordination, dissemination, and networking. The Academy is organized around six divisions — Research, Education and Work Force, Policy and Financing, Lexicon, Clinical and Community, and Health IT. In building and establishing the Academy, the goal is to pull together and organize hundreds of related efforts being conducted across the United States. It is expected that ongoing analysis of national efforts will be conducted and a consensus-based leadership advisory group will provide guidance on future efforts. Specific efforts will be made to engage both the primary care field and the behavioral health field in participating in and advancing the field  of integration.