C.J. Peek, PhD

C. J. Peek

C.J. Peek, PhD, serves as Professor with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School, where he focuses on care system development, integration of behavioral and medical care, organizational effectiveness, leadership development, inter-professional communication and clarification of language systems or definitional frameworks used by different groups. As a clinician in the mid-eighties, Dr. Peek helped integrate behavioral and medical care in a large system and has co-authored a book, book chapters, and articles on the integration of mental health and medical care, presenting and consulting regularly on this topic.

He planned and facilitated multiple stakeholder dialogues on the integration of behavioral and medical care, implementation of patient-centered medical home, and addressing behavioral risk factors in primary care in both state and national meetings. He has worked on state and national projects to develop workable lexicons and conceptual systems for emerging healthcare subfields such as collaborative care, palliative care, and patient-centered medical home—and has applied these to the creation of research agendas. Dr. Peek speaks, writes, and consults on a practical blend of clinical, organizational, communication, and leadership topics. He earned a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Colorado in 1976, where he studied with Dr. Peter G. Ossorio, founder of the discipline of Descriptive Psychology.